Cambridge Buddhist Centre


About retreats

Retreats give us a break from our daily routines so that we can give more time to meditation and Buddhist practice.

Open Retreats are for people who have learnt the two meditations we teach, although some are also suitable for newcomers (check the description for whether they are suitable for you). These retreats provide a relaxed programme of meditation, and will not assume you have much knowledge of Buddhism or experience of Buddhist ritual.

Sangha Retreats will often have a Buddhist theme, and will assume people are happy to participate in a Buddhist ritual without much prior explanation. There may also be a more intensive programme of meditation. These retreats are also suitable for mitras and Order members.

What happens on a retreat?

Retreats are residential, with simple but comfortable sleeping accomodation (some rooms are shared but can request a single room).

Meals are cooked by the retreatants (a good opportunity to get to know one another!) All the food is supplied, and usually a few menu ideas too.

The timetable is usually pretty relaxed, with a mixture of sessions of meditation, discussion, talks, ritual, and free time. The exact timetable and activities will depend on the retreat. But you don't need worry about having to sit for hours on end!

Here is a typical timetable for the Saturday of a weekend retreat:

7.00 Rise
7.30 Meditation
9.00 Breakfast
10.30 Talk & discussion
1.00 Lunch
4.30 Meditation
6.00 Dinner
7.30 Discussion
9.00 Puja (ritual)

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