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Dharma links

The links below are supplied as a resource. FWBO (Cambridge) is not responsible for their content.

Triratna Resources

Triratna Buddhist Community News. News from around the Triratna world.
Going on Retreat. Find a retreat easily - this site compiles retreats from 8 retreat centres in the UK for easy searching.
Triratna People
. Index of personal websites of people associated with the Triratna Buddhist Community.
Triratna Buddhist Articles. Compilation of articles written by Triratna authors.

Buddhist audio

FreeBuddhistAudio: the former "Dharmachakra", contains all Sangharakshita's talks, many talks by Order Members, and text transcripts of all Sangharakshita's talks and seminars, all for free download. A great resource.
Buddhist Audio Books Contains several of Sangharakshita's books read aloud for free download, especially useful for partially sighted people.
Buddha Net Audio Talks for free download, mainly from Theravadin / Vipassana teachers.

Buddhist texts

Access to insight contains a useful selection of texts from the Pali canon, as well as essays by contemporary Theravadin writers.
Buddhanet ebooks contains a good selection of pdf books from a variety of traditions.
Vipassana fellowship selections from the Pali Canon and ebooks from Theravadin writers.
Mahayana sutras: a good selection of Mahayana sutras with different translations.
Urban Dharma. Audio talks and ebooks, mostly from a Theravadin perspective.


Windhorse Publications Dharma books.
Wisdom Books Dharma books.
Alpha Cushions The company that supplies the meditation cushions, mats and stools that we use & sell.
Quiet Mind Meditation Meditation stools, made by Dharmamodana, a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order
Blue Banyan Meditation cushions, mats and stools
Buddhist Images Buddhist statues (rupas), paintings (thangkas) and ritual items


Pali-English Dictionary from the Pali Text Society
Dictionary of Pali proper names from the Pali Text Society.

On-line journals

Journal of Buddhist Ethics. Scholarly articles on Buddhist, published annually.
Western Buddhist Review. Sporadically published by Triratna authors.
Madhyamavani magazine. Articles by members of the Preceptors' College.
Dharma Life magazine. Archive of articles from the now defunct magazine.