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Cambridge Sangha Action

Cambridge Sangha Action welcomes all in the Sangha to explore the congruency between the Dharma and the ideas of empowering individuals to promote communal change. Our challenge is how to take the Dharma into activism - a really valuable contribution that Buddhists can make.

The aims of our meetings are:

- Acting for the benefit of all beings: to encourage Sangha members to come together to support each other in exploring their altruistic feelings and approaches to the world’s problems. We will explore how Buddhist teachings can help us to respond more wisely and compassionately to a range of issues, both global and local.

- Sangha building and reaching out: to provide a forum for Sangha members interested in taking social action together, enabling them to promote and facilitate engagement in altruistic events and projects that help others.

- Education and reflection: to help educate individuals within the Sangha on world issues, and help each other to understand how Buddhist values can help us relate to these challenges.

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Posting date: January 9th 2018

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