Cambridge Buddhist Centre

Learning Meditation

Learn to Meditate

This is the most thorough way to learn meditation. The course consists of two 6 week modules, held every Monday evening:
Learn to Meditate: Part 1 is suitable for complete newcomers, and teaches two meditations, the mindfulness of breathing and the 'Metta Bhavana' or cultivation of loving kindness. Learn to Meditate: Part 2 is taken after Part 1 as a way to deepen and expand your practice and to support you in your ongoing practice of meditation.

Download the course prospectus.

Open Weekend Retreat

Suitable for those who are complete beginners as well as those who have learnt the two meditation practices, Open Weekend Retreats are an ideal way to get into meditation in the ideal conditions of a residential weekend away.

Drop-in classes

Our Meditation Drop-in classes run throughout the year, and are a great way to have a taste of meditation. Two meditations are taught on alternate weeks. We also run a Meditation and Buddhism Evening which includes a presentation and discussion on a Buddhist topic in the second half.

There is no need to book for any of our Drop-in classes.

At a glance: all meditation events suitable for Newcomers.