Cambridge Buddhist Centre

Going deeper with Meditation

Once you have learnt meditation through courses or the drop-in classes, and you regard yourself as a regular user of the Centre, you can attend:

Learn to Meditate: Part 2

Learn to Meditate: Part 2 can be taken after Learn to Meditate: Part 1 to help establish a regular meditation practice and can also be used by those who already have a regular practice to provide inspiration and to develop their practice and take it deeper. It can be taken as a weekend or a six week course.

Open Weekend Retreat

Suitable for those who are complete beginners as well as those who have learnt the two meditation practices, Open Weekend Retreats are an ideal way to get into meditation in the ideal conditions of a residential weekend away.

Drop-in classes
In these, you have an opportunity to practice and to learn ways to take your meditation practice further. No need to book, just turn up.

Friday Meditation and Puja Evening
Two meditation periods and a puja, without instruction. You can leave before the puja if you wish.

Look for Meditation events for 'Friends'.