Cambridge Buddhist Centre

Reviews of Tai chi Regulars ten week course & Practice Day

5 Stars

26/03/2016 - Rob

A great course that is very accessible for the novice but provides very thorough and detailed tuition for the more experienced too. Highly recommended.

5 Stars

25/03/2016 - Henry Gan

Very good and enjoyable class. Highly recommended.

5 Stars

04/04/2015 - Mabel Richards

A very thorough course where there is always something new to learn, regardless of experience

5 Stars

04/04/2015 - Margaret Ashcroft

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, and improved week to week. Excellent teaching, and a wonderful class.

5 Stars

04/12/2014 - Sally

I really enjoyed this Tai Chi course and look forward to continuing in the new year. Many thanks.

3 Stars

13/05/2014 - Jacqueline

The regular class starts off really well, whereby you are shown every move of the early part of the form in detail, and practice it along with the teacher and assistant. This is demonstrated and each move spoken to you. Once you advance past the early part of the form, people are at different stages and are shown the next step or two, to remember it, and practice individually. I prefer the teaching style of the first part of the regular course. Tai Chi has definitely helped with symptoms of RSI.

5 Stars

01/04/2014 - Sally

A very interesting course. Already looking forward to next term.

5 Stars

30/03/2014 - Suan Rowland

As always, an excellent day. I also appreciate the opportunity to mingle with other class/es members socially. Thanks for all the wonderful shared lunch!

5 Stars

14/12/2013 - Suan Rowland

Excellent sessions - tells me a lot about myself!

5 Stars

14/07/2013 - Suan Rowland

Really good sessions as usual.

5 Stars

14/07/2013 - James Stedman

As always, another fantastic 10 weeks have just flown past. The apparently subtle and yet hugely significant advances the course has made to my practice is just joyous. I always leave feeling both relaxed and energised - Awesome.

5 Stars

30/03/2013 - Suan Rowland

Excellent course and it was great reviewing the form this term - really helpful to relearn and correct our moves!

5 Stars

14/12/2012 - Suan Rowland

The detailed revision of the form this term has been extremely useful. I am also starting to understand partner work better and enjoy it. Thank you

5 Stars

16/07/2012 - Phil

Another ten week regulars course has come and gone too quickly. As ever, the more you know, the more that you know that you don't know! And as always, Abhayamati's teaching manages to be both inspiring and accessable. I'll be back.

5 Stars

11/07/2012 - Pat

The course welcomed me as a beginner nervously moving up to the regulars course. It is gentle, slow and very supportive. Each session offered a feeling of calm, new discovery and oneness with the earth.

4 Stars

11/07/2012 - Suan Rowland

A good day and excellent lunch!

5 Stars

10/07/2012 - Mike

Well-managed, well-taught, the course continues to be hugely satisfying and can be recommended unreservedly.

5 Stars

26/03/2012 - Phil

This last ten week course has been really good for me. I have gained some useful insight and my tai chi practice has definately benefitted accordingly. Tai Chi has managed to work its way into my everyday life.

5 Stars

06/12/2011 - Phil Holloway

This latest term in the regulars Tai Chi group has allowed me to move my practice on. As ever, Abhayamati's teaching combines great insight with a lightness of touch and the other group members are always supportive and good fun. I'll be back!

5 Stars

04/12/2011 - Suan

Tai Chi continues to fascinate - the more I learn, the more I realise I have to learn! I really enjoy it.

4 Stars

03/12/2011 - Iain Davidson

1. Good course
2. It was a large class and may be better split into 2 groups.
3. More space needed - better to use the stage and the floor

5 Stars

15/06/2011 - Tim Shuker-Yates

I have been a student of Taiji at Cambridge Buddhist Centre for over 5 years now, with Abhayamati as my teacher. Thanks to this opportunity I now consider the practice of Taiji to be an integral part of my daily life.
It’s difficult to say what the benefits are to anyone who is interested in starting Taiji because the changes have been steady over the past years, but I do believe that regular practice has stopped aching in my joints, helped my posture, kept my body fitter and helped me feel more relaxed in my daily life. I realise these are significant claims to make and ones I can’t substantiate, not least because I can’t remember a time before Taiji, but to be honest, I thoroughly enjoy it and I don’t really want to!

5 Stars

05/04/2011 - Suan Rowland

I really enjoy doing Tai Chi and the longer I do it, the more there is to the whole practice of Tai Chi. Each time I do an exercise or the form, I learn something new - about the movement and about myself - fascinating!!

5 Stars

05/04/2011 - Colin tapp

A really useful day. There's always lots to learn. All done with a good sense of humour.

5 Stars

11/12/2008 - gary mooney

Great to have an extended period of practice . I really appreciated being able to focus for longer on individual exercises and partner work.

5 Stars

25/03/2008 - Tim

Another good practice day! It is always an excellent opportunity to look into Tai Chi with a little more depth and develop some of the aspects of the practice that we just don’t have time for in evening classes.

If anyone reading this is considering starting a course, I thoroughly recommend Abhayamati’s classes. They are friendly and informal, but backed by a sense of commitment and dedication that is very inspiring. For those of us that are regulars now, there is a real sense of camaraderie that makes it a pleasure to go to the classes. All in all it’s well worth trying.

5 Stars

24/03/2008 - Tracy

I have spent just over 40 years learning how to sit, stand and walk slightly off balance. The effort of maintaining this has been taking its toll with tension in my shoulders and some headaches at the end of a working day, sitting in front of the computer or in meetings. At the beginning of September 07 I began a course in Tai chi at with Abhayamati. This gentle but strenuous way of moving is allowing me to learn how to rebalance myself. My shoulders are markedly lower and I am learning how to sit and walk with a more balanced posture.

It is not just another exercise class. Abhayamati’s teaching is a little like the Tai chi itself, subtle with a powerful influence; it works on several levels, the physical, the psychological and the spiritual.

My experience of Tai chi has not just stayed with Tuesday evenings, but has begun to soak through into the rest of my life. I am discovering a way of being aware of the subtle energy and tension in my body and this is teaching me about myself. I have increased my awareness of ‘me’ in relation to others at work and at home. I am able to use the Tai chi as a method for steadying myself when I am agitated or frustrated. I am not saying that all is now perfect in my life, but I am really enjoying learning a new way of being with myself.

5 Stars

26/04/2007 - Tim Shuker-Yates

I have been going to the Taiji courses for 18 months now and have found it a fantastic experience. The teacher is very patient and considerate in his teaching method and non- competitive in his style, which has meant that the classes are enjoyed by all age ranges. It also means that we have worked in some real depth in the practice, considering very much the health and well-being aspects of the practice.

Although the style of teaching is very friendly and informal I am amazed at how much has actually been covered and how much of the various exercises and form I have picked up. All in all, I would thoroughly recommend learning Taiji at the Buddhist Centre, and they have nice tea too!