Cambridge Buddhist Centre

Reviews of How to Meditate

5 Stars

09/12/2017 - Kesha

I enjoyed MBSR course thoroughly. I found this course quite useful and helpful to reduce my stress level. I would like to highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to promote their health and well-being.

5 Stars

06/12/2017 - Gaynor Clements

This course is fabulous. I have been on a couple of meditation courses, but this was the best. The teachers are wonderfully knowledgeable and kind. The level of detail is perfect (Buddhist-lite for those who don't want the ideological side) and the course is delivered at a pace which allows you to really grasp what is going on and to fully understand the process of learning to be mindful. I met some lovely people too. We all went on a journey together and that created a special bond. I would highly recommend this course for its wisdom, realism and support. In fact I recommend it to everyone and at least one of those people has signed up to do it! I miss my Wednesday afternoons at the Buddhist Centre, but look forward to the 'top up' sessions, and would love to go on one of the retreats

4 Stars

27/11/2017 - Claire Goldby

I enjoyed it, I will not use all of it in my life, however there are quite a few aspects which will be very helpful to me in my day to day life