Cambridge Buddhist Centre

Reviews of Yoga Level 2 Course - 6 weeks - Tuesday

5 Stars

06/08/2007 - Jan Osborne

I have benefitted enormously from the yoga courses that I have attended at the Buddhist Centre. I have great faith in the knowledge and skills of the teachers who take a committed and personal interest in each student. I often feel challenged to achieve a little more than I thought that I could but always encouraged and very well cared for.

5 Stars

31/07/2007 - Lucy Edgeley

There's so much thought and care put in to the planning and teaching of Shuddhasara's classes that whatever state the student arrives in (and in my case that could be stiff, tired, feeling cold-y or just lazy), she/he leaves energised, relaxed and peaceful. And the benefits of the class work through to the days beyond.

5 Stars

29/07/2007 - Sabine

Having taken yoga for a few years with other teachers, it was only in this course that I began to understand yoga and make real progess.