Cambridge Buddhist Centre

Reviews of Yoga Level 3 Course - 11 weeks - Wednesday

5 Stars

19/12/2017 - Giulietta

Kathy's yoga course on Wednesdays is both challenging and gently taught. I feel empowered in the class, to the point where I can do poses I can't normally do, safely and happily. There is a positive feeling in the class, and it's one of my favourites.

5 Stars

19/12/2017 - Helen

I'm a big fan of Kathy's classes - they are an important part of my week. At the same time challenging and hugely restorative, I wouldn't be without them and Kathy's style of teaching suits me perfectly.

5 Stars

17/07/2017 - Giulietta

Kathy's yoga class is both strong and gentle. I always come away in a positive mood, well-worked and much more aligned when I have a class from this knowledgeable and kind teacher.