Cambridge Buddhist Centre

Reviews of Buddhism level 2: A Path with Heart

5 Stars

09/07/2018 - Sharon Daniel

I loved the course ! Hugely useful in my life, inspiring discussions and very well organised.

5 Stars

23/05/2018 - Andrea k

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Buddhism 2 course , each week looking at a different topic . There?s plenty of discussion in the group and the teachings have been valuable to me in my life !

5 Stars

28/03/2018 - Katie

I found this module brilliant. The team put so much effort into preparing activities, making the classes very experiential, which I really enjoyed. We also had some very inspiring talks, I particularly enjoyed the personal stories from the team about how they relate to aspects of the wheel of life and the buddha mandala. The home practices related to the wheel of life were also extremely helpful.

5 Stars

29/03/2017 - Karen

Really enjoyed the small group explorations. Found a new dimension opened up for me that I hadn't expected

5 Stars

17/02/2017 - Colin Humphrey

I'm very glad to have been on the Buddhism 2 Module on Ritual. I found the teachers excellent - sensitive, knowledgeable. Indeed this was education at its best. The root - educare - is a drawing out. This is exactly what happened over the 6 weeks. The order members fully embodied their Buddhist precepts, making this experience an invitation and not a prescription. I will be coming back for more. I would like to add to my more private thanks by publicly thanking here the Order Members who led this module.

5 Stars

16/12/2016 - David Float

Fabulous. I'm hooked (in a non-attached way)

5 Stars

07/12/2016 - karen

I was familiar with some of the dharma teachings in this module but the chance to discuss and explore them in class and the home practices made feel really relevant. Got lots from this. Thank you

5 Stars

19/10/2016 - David Float

Absolutely fabulous: a friendly and informative series of evenings that put me in very direct touch with the three refuges. As a relative newcomer, although one who is beginning truly to realise the great gifts of Buddha and Dharma, the course particularly opened my eyes to the wonderful value of sangha.

5 Stars

18/10/2016 - Rosie

Lively and thought-provoking.

5 Stars

23/03/2016 - Matt Jones

Very interesting course digging deeper into the richness of the Dharma. Highly recommended!

5 Stars

23/03/2016 - Lawrence Hopkins

5 stars - excellent

5 Stars

22/03/2016 - Lexie Hoskins

An expertly run course on a complex topic.

I enjoyed every minute of Symbolic Dharma from the readings by the group leaders to the group work with other attendees - a great way to spend a Monday night. Thank you!

5 Stars

11/12/2015 - Daniel Marshall

Excellent teaching, just wish that my employment prevents me from attending every class.

5 Stars

11/12/2015 - christina

This was an excellent course - the best in the series that I have attended so far. Some very difficult concepts and ideas were tackled clearly but without sacrificing depth. For me the teacher was presenting the material at exactly the right level.

5 Stars

11/12/2015 - Maureen Wiesner

This was the first level 2 course I have done and I wasn't sure what to expect. the venue in the theatre is lovely and the course was expertly led by Samudraghosha who was very open minded and had some great insights. I really enjoyed it and the company of the other participants.

5 Stars

24/05/2015 - Jacqui Ensom

As with the other parts of Buddhism level 2, this section on Buddhist ethics was presented thoughtfully and respectfully, with the perfect balance of input, discussion and reflection. Highly recommended.

4 Stars

19/05/2015 - Lawrence

A very interesting and thought provoking introduction to Buddhist ethics. Led by engaging, well informed leaders and attended by lovely like minded people with whom it was a pleasure to discuss the issues.

5 Stars

09/12/2014 - Sarah

What a wonderful course! It is fantastic to have such a great and varied team leading the course. Hearing their experience of the Dharma is very inspiring. A lovely, friendly and supportive environment to learn about Buddhism.

5 Stars

22/10/2014 - Gina Plant Cabrita

Very good course and well taught. I particularly like when members of the team share their personal experience. And I like having time to get to know other people on the course.

5 Stars

21/10/2014 - Sarah N

A really great introduction to what it means to be a Buddhist in the West. The wonderful teaching team are open and honest creating a relaxed and engaging environment in which to learn. Wonderful classmates too! Highly recommended :-)

5 Stars

21/10/2014 - Graham Carter

This was my first Buddhism 2 course, and it was a truly wonderful experience. The dynamic of the group was enhanced by having various teachers and helpers during the six weeks that each brought something different and meaningful to the table.

When I reflect upon the Puja we did on the last day, the love I felt in the room, almost brings me to tears. What else can I say, other than thank you to all teachers and participants for creating an atmosphere that allowed spiritual development to flourish and the heart to overflow!