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Buddha Day: Bringing the Myth of the Buddha to Life

Date:Sunday 13th May 2018
Time:8.45am/9.30am - 5.30pm
Cost:£7.00 / £3.00 Conc.
Led by:Padmajata and team
Description:This year’s celebration of Buddha Day will be an opportunity to engage with the myth of the enlightenment of the Buddha.
The stories, imagery and symbols of the myth that describe the event are rich and multi-layered. We will create a space where we can connect with the myth in our own personal and perhaps slightly different -from- the- usual way.

The day will have personal talks where people will share how they bring the myth of enlightenment to their lives as well as space where we can sit with the images and let them speak to our heart.


8.45am - 9.45am Order meditation - Shakyamumi sadhana practice led by Ratnaghosha

9.30am Doors open to all

10am Welcome and introduction by Padmajata
Talk by Satyapara - The alchemical Buddha

11am - 11.30am Tea break

11.30am - 1pm Awakening the Buddha in our own imagination, led by Satyapara

1pm - 2.30pm Lunch break - please bring vegetarian food to share

2.30pm - 4pm Three short talks by Dharmanatha, Amaracandra and Martin Payne on their personal connections to the myth of the Buddha followed by discussion groups

2.30 -4pm Children's activities in the lower shrine room

4pm - 4.30pm Tea break

4.30pm - 5.30pm Festive Buddha day puja, led by Guhyaprabha (children welcome)
Booking Procedure:Not necessary
Web Bookings:This event is NOT web-bookable
Event Type:Meditation EventBuddhism Event
Event Level:
Suitable For: People who've learnt meditation, Mitras and Order members
Held at:CBC


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Meditation Event Event with meditation / practice Suitable for newcomers to meditation and Buddhism Event suitable for men only
Buddhism Event Event with Buddhist teaching / study Suitable for anyone who has learnt the two meditation practices we teach Event suitable for women only
Retreat Event Retreat Event Suitable for Mitras & Order member (experienced Friends by arrangement)
Stress Reduction Event Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and Pain Management
Yoga Event Yoga Event
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