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Cambridge Sangha Action: Celebration of the Earth

Date:Friday 18th May 2018
Time:7.30pm - 9.30pm
Cost:Free, but donations welcome
Led by:Giulietta Spudich and John Turner
Description:As Buddhists we seek to act from positive states such as compassion and metta. To cultivate metta for the Earth, its air, land and water, this evening will focus on a celebration of nature.
If we come into a relationship with nature through a foundation of metta, we will be more motivated to protect the world around us through love.

In the first part of the evening we will be sharing inspirational poems, interspersed with periods of meditation and reflection. In the second half we will work together to generate pledges for one small thing we could do to help nature, which will then form an offering at a green puja which will complete the evening.
Booking Procedure:Not necessary
Web Bookings:This event is NOT web-bookable
Event Type:Buddhism Event
Event Level:
Suitable For: Mitras and Order members
Held at:CBC
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