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Cambridge Sangha Action: Sustaining Positive Emotion & Faith

Date:Friday 20th April 2018
Time:7.30pm - 9.30pm
Cost:Free, but donations welcome
Led by:Yogaratna
Description:Yogaratna will give a short talk exploring some ways we might be thinking and feeling about the future, and suggesting some ways we can cultivate positive emotion and faith.
The evening aims to look at ways of supporting and empowering ourselves as we transform self and world. There is a great deal we can do - all the way from formal meditation to activism - to support many positive trends.

Yogaratna (who has been ordained in Triratna for 15 years) incorporates social action as part of his ethical practice as a Buddhist. He has been exploring climate change and Buddhism since 2006, especially how the stories we tell (collectively or individually) influence social change and our own lives.

Session begins at 7.30pm, but you're welcome to arrive early and eat with us in the Centre foyer from 6.30pm onwards. Bread, dips and salad will be provided, and please bring food to share.

The aims of our meetings are:

Acting for the benefit of all beings: to encourage Sangha members to come together to support each other in exploring their altruistic feelings and approaches to the world’s problems. We will explore how Buddhist teachings can help us to respond more wisely and compassionately to a range of issues, both global and local.

Sangha building and reaching out: to provide a forum for Sangha members interested in taking social action together, enabling them to promote and facilitate engagement in altruistic events and projects that help others.

Education and reflection: to help educate individuals within the Sangha on world issues, and help each other to understand how Buddhist values can help us relate to these challenges.
Booking Procedure:Not necessary
Web Bookings:This event is NOT web-bookable
Event Type:Buddhism Event
Event Level:
Suitable For: Mitras and Order members
Held at:CBC
Relevant News Article:Cambridge Sangha Action


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