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Relaxation Explorer Course

Date:Friday 19th January 2018 to Friday 16th March 2018
Time:5.30pm - 7pm
Cost:£150.00 / £115.00 Conc.
Led by:Sarvatajnana
Description:Eight weeks of exploring pathways to relaxation that can support your wellbeing, meditation and sleep.
A chance to try out different approaches to relaxation and replenishment that emphasise bodymind integration, mindfulness and positive emotion, ranging from the sleep-like deep relaxation that is also called passive relaxation to very gentle somatic movements that are also described as active relaxation

This course is an opportunity to get ideas for your home practice, and a good enough taste of various relaxation pathways to learn what suits you (and what does not), and what you might want to pursue further.

The course includes a day workshop, 10.00am - 4.00 pm on Sunday 11 March. There will not be a session on Friday, 16 February (school holidays).

Sarvatajnana is a certified relaxation therapist.

Please note: Some of the approaches this course explores are unsuitable for people going through active psychosis, active clinical depression, or severe personality disorder. Do contact Sarvatajnana beforehand to discuss anything around mental health concerns at
Booking Procedure:Advance payment required
Web Bookings:2 web-bookable places available.
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Event Type:Meditation Event
Event Level:
Suitable For: All people, regardless of experience of meditation or Buddhism
Held at:CBC


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