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Parinirvana Day

Date:Sunday 18th February 2018
Time:9am - 5pm
Cost:There is no charge for this event. However the Centre does depend on donations and we would be grateful for any donation you can make. A suggested amount would be £3.00 – £7.00.
Led by:Sarvatajnana and Ahimsaka
Description:A day of remembering the Buddha's physical death and exploring the mystery of life and death through meditation, reflection and ritual.
An opportunity to rejoice in the Buddha's life, and apply his teachings to our own experience of being alive and impermanence.

You are welcome to bring photos of people from your own life who have passed away to put on the shrine. There will be opportunities to remember and rejoice in them during the day.

9:00 Order Meditation: Six Element Practice led by Padmasuri [1]
10:00 Welcome and introductory talk What is the point? [2]
10:30 Meditation with the Maha-Parinirbbana Sutta [3]
11:10 Tea Break [3]
11:30 Death and the Deathless Workshop [3]
13:00 Lunch [2]
14:00 Walking with the Buddha [2]
14:15 Mantra and Metta - remembering loved ones who have left our lives [2]
14:30 Puja - rejoicing in the lives of those who have passed* [2]
15:30 Tea Break [2]
16:00 Mitra Ceremonies for Claire Taylor-Jay, Rachel Hartop and Rafe Martyn with a Threefold puja [1]
17:00 Finish

[1] not suitable for children
[2] children with parents welcome
[3] children with parents welcome - separate event
* children will have the opportunity to make offerings which they will have made in the morning
Notes:Please bring vegetarian food for a shared lunch
Booking Procedure:Not necessary
Web Bookings:This event is NOT web-bookable
Event Type:Meditation EventBuddhism Event
Event Level:
Suitable For: People who've learnt meditation, Mitras and Order members
Held at:CBC


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Meditation Event Event with meditation / practice Suitable for newcomers to meditation and Buddhism Event suitable for men only
Buddhism Event Event with Buddhist teaching / study Suitable for anyone who has learnt the two meditation practices we teach Event suitable for women only
Retreat Event Retreat Event Suitable for Mitras & Order member (experienced Friends by arrangement)
Stress Reduction Event Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and Pain Management
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