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Learn to Meditate: Part 1

Date:Monday 16th April 2018 to Monday 21st May 2018
Time:7.15pm - 9.45pm
Cost:£120.00 / £80.00 Conc.
Led by:Dharmanatha
Description:Six evenings plus a day meditation practice day and two recordings of led meditations for home use. Participants are encouraged to practice at home daily for 30 minutes a day during the course.
Meditation provides a way to help you relax, become more focused, develop your relationships, understand yourself better and become wiser and more compassionate. The two meditations introduced in this course are based on those taught by the Buddha to help his followers towards Enlightenment and are the mindfulness of breathing and development of loving-kindness (metta bhavana) meditations.

There are six sessions plus a meditation practice day to help you take your practice deeper. The sessions usually consist of instruction in meditation; short meditations; semi-formal presentations by the leader(s); discussion time for participants to relate the material to their own experience; and experiential workshop aspects.

For the duration of the course, you are encouraged to take up a daily meditation practice of 30 minutes per day. To help with home practice, recordings of both mediation practices are made available on line, diaries and handouts are given out.

Meditation practice day is on Saturday 19th May 10am-4pm, please bring vegetarian food for a shared lunch.

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Booking Procedure:Advance payment required
Web Bookings:Please contact the office for possible spaces.
Event Type:Meditation Event
Event Level:
Suitable For: Newcomers to meditation & Buddhism
Held at:CBC


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Meditation Event Event with meditation / practice Suitable for newcomers to meditation and Buddhism Event suitable for men only
Buddhism Event Event with Buddhist teaching / study Suitable for anyone who has learnt the two meditation practices we teach Event suitable for women only
Retreat Event Retreat Event Suitable for Mitras & Order member (experienced Friends by arrangement)
Stress Reduction Event Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and Pain Management
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