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What is Buddhism in 2017?

Date:Sunday 21st May 2017
Time:10am - 4pm
Cost:Free, but donations welcome
Led by:Abhayamati
Description:During the day we will explore what Buddhism is about, and how it can be practised today.
What does Buddhism look like now in 2017? It has been around for two and half thousand years and still offers us a radical way of leading a meanigful, fulfilled life, with care, kindness, tolerance, truth, patience and insight as some of its core values. Surely the world now needs these values more than ever? We will look at the three central principles of Buddhism and a path of practice through ethics, meditation and wisdom. Along the the way we will touch on such topics as Enlightenment, karma, mindfulness and compassion. There will be ample opportunity for discussion and asking questions.

This day is suitable for those who are completely new to Buddhism, or those who have some knowledge but need the gaps filled in. There is no need to be familiar with meditation, but there is also an introduction to meditation the following Saturday (27th May).
Notes:Please bring vegetarian food for a shared lunch
Booking Procedure:Necessary
Web Bookings:Please contact the office for possible spaces.
Event Type:Meditation EventBuddhism Event
Event Level:
Suitable For: Newcomers & people who've learnt to meditate
Held at:CBC


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Meditation Event Event with meditation / practice Suitable for newcomers to meditation and Buddhism Event suitable for men only
Buddhism Event Event with Buddhist teaching / study Suitable for anyone who has learnt the two meditation practices we teach Event suitable for women only
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