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Buddhism level 2: Buddhist Wisdom - Dharma Truth Teachings

Date:Monday 30th October 2017 to Monday 4th December 2017
Time:7.15pm - 9.45pm
Cost:There is no charge for this event. However the Centre does depend on donations and we would be grateful for any donation you can make. A suggested amount would be £60.00 – £90.00.
Description:A six-week course, for people wanting to extend their knowledge of Buddhism. Classes include short talks, discussion, workshop elements and often short periods of meditation.
This course covers in an accessible way the "wisdom" aspect of Buddhism: it's basic understanding of the world. The material comprises:

- Views: wrong view, right view, perfect view; qualities of Dharma
- Conditionality - pattica samutpada as middle way
- Facets of conditionality - impermanence, compoundedness, interconnectedness
- Four Noble Truths
- Orders of conditionality - reactive and creative conditionality, karmic and non-karmic conditionality
- Wisdom and compassion - altruistic dimension of Buddhism, Bodhisattva ideal

This module can be taken in isolation, but it also is part of a one year course comprising six modules, as below:
- What makes you a Buddhist?
- Dharma Truth Teachings
- Ritual and Devotion
- Symbolic Dharma
- Buddhist Ethics
- A Path with Heart
Booking Procedure:Necessary
Web Bookings:3 web-bookable places available.
Please Reserve:
Event Type:Buddhism Event
Event Level:
Suitable For: People who've learnt to meditate and completed Buddhism level 1 or equiv.
Held at:CBC


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Meditation Event Event with meditation / practice Suitable for newcomers to meditation and Buddhism Event suitable for men only
Buddhism Event Event with Buddhist teaching / study Suitable for anyone who has learnt the two meditation practices we teach Event suitable for women only
Retreat Event Retreat Event Suitable for Mitras & Order member (experienced Friends by arrangement)
Stress Reduction Event Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and Pain Management
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