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Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy - UKCP trainee therapist - Brigit Viney

About me

I am a Senior Student on the MA in Mindfulness-based Psychotherapeutic Practice at the Karuna Institute, Devon. I am a UKCP trainee therapist.

I have been practising Buddhist meditation for more than 20 years, first within the Insight Meditation tradition and more recently in the Soto Zen school.

In my professional life I have worked mainly in publishing, which has taught me something about the challenges people can face in the corporate world. I have also taught abroad and enjoyed the experience of living in another culture.

I have been an Integative Counsellor since 2012 and have worked as a voluntary counsellor for: the Cambridge Cyrenians, who provide accommodation for homeless men and women; Lifecraft, a charity that supports adults who have experienced mental health difficulties; the Cambridge Community Counselling Service, an NHS-funded community counselling service for adults. I now have a small private counselling practice.

Wanting to work with clients at a deeper level, I enrolled on the MA in Mindfulness-based Psychotherapeutic Practice programme at the Karuna Institute in Devon. As a senior student on the course, and in supervised training, I am now in a position to work with adult clients in this psychotherapeutic approach.

About my approach

Mindfulness-based Psychotherapeutic Practice is based on the Core Process approach, which has been developed and taught at the Karuna Institute in Devon since the 1980s. Core Process is one of the world's first mindfulness-based psychotherapy approaches, and it integrates Buddhist psychology and mindfulness practice with Western psychology and psychotherapeutic practice. At its heart is the assumption that there is an inherent health - a 'core' - within each of us that lies beneath our confusions, hurts, struggles and conditioning.

In Mindfulness-based Psychotherapeutic Practice there is the chance in the supportive space of therapy to slow down and become aware of your present experience - which can include thoughts, mind states, physical sensations, images, feelings that are clear and feelings that are vague and hard to describe. You can begin to explore your experience and how it may express the past conditions and conditioning of your life and relate to it with compassion and equanimity. This process can help you to live with a greater self-understanding and a deeper sense of your resources and inner

Professional affiliations

I am a UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) trainee therapist and a Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.


BA Hons in Modern Arabic Studies, 1980
Level 4 Higher Professional Diploma in Counselling, 2012


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