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A Mandala

Mandala News is a bi-annual free magazine produced by the Cambridge Buddhist Centre and featuring contributions from our local Buddhist Community as well as visiting Buddhists. The current issue is available at the Centre and both the current and back issues below can be downloaded in Adobe acrobat format.

Autumn 2010 - Padmasuri reflects on the renaming of our movement, Vajradevi on her new role of Centre Director, Amritasukha on the development of the Festival Theatre, a review of 'Cymbelline - the musical' and 'Messiaen 101', Keturaja on his new role as Managing Director of windhorse:evolution, Ivan Villamar rejoices in street meditation.

Spring 2010 - Vajradarshini's weekend on Ordinary beauty, Emma Chopourian's song cycle, Council News, An ex-food addict speaks, Protesting against climate change, Jayarava on Mantra, Art and the Dharma, Samamati visits Mexico

Spring/Summer 2008 - Guhyaprabha looks back, A postcard from Denmark, Vajrapriya on the Buddha's death, Jayasiddhi eats porridge in Canada, Rob Evans grasps his brush, Vajradevi on looking for space, Emma Chopourian gets behind Pantos, Mandalas music reviewed

Autumn 2007 [2.4MB] - Sangha night renewed, Burma, Three months in Burma, Practice in the city, Charity work in Uganda, Total immersion, Buddhist Centre books, Aloka community, The Pioneers concert reviewed

Summer 2006 [1.2MB] - Buddha Nature by Kamalashila, Breakdancing the Buddha and me, Ethics and eating, My practice: Danavira, What really happened on the night of the Buddha's Enlightenment, Ann Massey: Tiger of the Fens

Spring 2006 [1MB] - Mind & matter science debate, The history of my going forth, Clowning workshop, Celebrity big brother, The Buddhist calendar, The emergence of Tara