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The Buddhist gesture (mudra) of generosityThe Buddhist gesture (mudra) of generosity

The Centre is a not-for-profit charity. Our aim is to make Buddhism and meditation accessible to everyone, which is why we keep charges for classes at a minimum and where possible we ask for a donation rather than a fixed charge.

Centre workers receive a low ‘support’ wage and most teachers give their time for free.

How you can help

Standing orders

If you are a taxpayer, we can recover 25p in the pound.
To give, fill in a form


Please leave money in the bowls in the Centre foyer, filling in your address on Gift Aid envelope to help us claim back tax.

Donate while you shop

Help raise funds for the Buddhist Centre when shopping online without spending a penny extra! Go to: shop2fundraise for more details.


Volunteers are crucial to keep the Buddhist Centre thriving. You can help in a variety of ways, from cleaning to reception duties. If you have a particular skill, it may be valuable to the Buddhist Centre. Visit our Volunteers Page